Cloud-based free software powered by Google App Engine and RESTful web services


CS2Notes is a Java-based free and easy-to-use cloud-supported sticky notes application. Your notes and your password for your account are fully encrypted and safely stored in the cloud.

On the cover page:
1. Click on the "Sign in" button to login as an existing user.
2. For new users, click on "Sign Up" to register as a new user.
3. To exit, click on the exit button at the lower left corner.

Screenshots on Windows 7 Buttons at the left hand side of the note header:
1. Create New Note : create a new note with the same user ID.
2. Sync This Note : synchronize this note with the cloud.
3. Revert This Note : revert this note from the cloud if it was modified.
4. User Name: User ID of your registered email address (click to see more details).

Buttons at the right hand side of the note header:
1. Return Home : sign off this note and return to the cover page.
2. Settings : change settings of this note including look&feel, color and font settings.
3. Sync All Notes : synchronize all notes with the same user ID of this note.
4. Email This Note : send this note as an email to your registered email address.
5. Delete This Note : delete this note from the cloud (confirmation required).
6. Help Info : view the help information for the cover page or this note.
7. Close This Note : close this note (the note will NOT be deleted from the cloud).

CS2Notes can be run on different platforms including Windows XP/Vista/7, OS X and Linux operating systems. Apps running on tablet and smart phones are under construction. See the download page.

For further questions, please send email to happycloudxu@gmail.com
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