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Typically questions asked by CS2Notes users:

Do I need an Internet connection in order to use this software?

Yes. Since CS2Notes require to communicate with the cloud services deployed at Google App Engine, your machine must have an Internet connection in order to use this software. If you only want to use offline sticky notes, I would suggest you to use the sticky notes applications provided by most of the operating systems (e.g., Windows 7).

Do I have to install JRE 7?

Typically, you are required to install Oracle Java SE Runtime Environment 7 (JRE 7) on your machine, which is freely available and can be downloaded from the download section. However, for Windows users, if you cannot or prefer not to install JRE 7, you may download a zip file with all needed JRE 7 components, and run the software without installation of JRE 7. Note that the jre7 directory as well as the configuration file must be put in the same directory of the CS2Notes executable file.

Are my notes secure in the cloud?

Yes. Your notes and your password for your user account are fully encrypted and safely stored in the cloud. All of your notes are encrypted or decrypted on your local machine before they are uploaded into or after they are downloaded from the cloud, respectively.

Do I have to use a valid email address to register?

Yes, you are required to use a valid email address to register. In case you forget your password, we can send you a temporary one to your registered email address. In addition, with a valid email address, you can easily send any of your notes as well as attachments to yourself (or cc to some one else) as an email.

If I forgot my password, can you send me my passoword?

No. Your encrypted password cannot be decrypted due to the one-way MD5 encryption algorithm. We can only send you a randomly generated temporary password to your registered email address. Once you logged in, you can easily change your password by clicking on your user name on a note header, and then clicking on the "Update Account" button. Sorry, we cannot send you your password because no one knows your password except you.

If my password cannot be decrypted, how can CS2Notes check if I entered the right one?

The password you entered and the stored encrypted one (using one-way MD5 encryption algorithm) can be matched by comparing digests of the passwords, rather than some decrypted strings. In other words, only the message digest of your password is stored in the cloud, and your actual password is not stored anywhere (neither locally nor in the cloud).

How many notes can I create?

You are allowed to create and maintain up to 8 notes for your registered user account. If you want to create more notes, you may sign up for a new user account using another valid email address of yours.

For further questions, please send email to happycloudxu@gmail.com

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