The application site for Summer 2023 is open now!

6/5/23 - 8/13/23 (10 Weeks)

Application Deadline: 3/31/23

We will run REU in "remote+in-person" hybrid mode in 2023.


This Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Site focuses on secure, robust, and resilient AI-enabled system engineering. In each summer, ten undergraduate students will be selected to participate in research for ten weeks at the Cybersecurity Center of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. During the research, participants will learn engineering principles to support the rigorous design and quantitative test of systems and incorporate AI components to ensure properties such as security, robustness, and resilience.

This program will provide a research experience with a balance of theory, hands-on practical skills, and applications. The project is led by a team of experienced faculty who will mentor the participating researchers through a number of professional development activities, which prepare them to take a systems perspective while maintaining technical excellence to enhance the robustness of AI-enabled systems in commercial and societal contexts. This project will provide unique opportunities for undergraduate students, especially for those from underrepresented and minority groups and institutions with limited research resources, to participate in real-world research.

What We Provide

  • Ten-week intensive research on AI, security, and system engineering

  • $6,000 stipend in total for each participant

  • On-campus housing and meal allowance

  • Up to $600 travel expenses to and from the REU site


[Jan. 2023] Our REU Site is open for application now!

[Jan. 2022] Our REU website is launched!

Contacts of the Site

Ming Shao, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Computer and Information Science

Phone: 508-910-6893


Jiawei Yuan, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Computer and Information Science

Phone: 508-999-8299