Haiping Xu & Sol M. Shatz
Concurrent Software Systems Laboratory (CSSL)
Computer Science Department
The University of Illinois at Chicago

Feb. 28, 2002


ADK 1.0 (The model-based Agent Development Kit) is an implementation of intelligent agents for multi-agent systems (MAS), which provides a framework and a full class library to support development of application-specific agents for MAS. ADK 1.0 is based on a formal agent model - the agent-oriented G-net model, which serves as a high-level design for agent implementation. The agent-oriented G-net model is created by Haiping Xu and his advisor Prof. Sol M. Shatz at the concurrent Software Systems Laboratory (CSSL), Computer Science Department, at the University of Illinois at Chicago. ADK 1.0 is developed on Windows 98 and Java(TM) 2 SDK, Standard edition Version 1.3.1. The Sun Jini 1.1 is used as a middleware for intelligent communicating agents to find each other in the Jini Community.

This project was supported by the U.S. Army Research Office under grant number DAAD19-99-1-0350 and DAAD19-01-1-0672, and the U.S. National Science Foundation under grant number CCR-9988168.



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11/25/01 08:44 PM        4039 Readme.txt
11/25/01 08:44 PM        3005 Scenario.txt
11/25/01 07:28 PM    34440521 j2sdk-1_3_1-win.exe
11/26/01 05:43 AM         dir Snapshot 



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Written in JavaTM 2 SDK Standard Edition Version 1.3.1 and JiniTM Version 1.1 -- © Copyright 2001 by CSSL

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