2024 Training Session: 5/20/24 - 8/9/24 (12 Weeks)


The rapid expansion of artificial intelligence (AI) has significantly shifted the landscape of cybersecurity. On one hand, AI has been leveraged to enhance multiple cybersecurity fields. On the other hand, AI systems also introduce new vulnerabilities that can yield dangerous outcomes, from their trustworthiness to automation of cyber attacks using AI. As estimated in the recent market research report, AI in cybersecurity market will worth $46.3 billion by 2027, which also indicates a strong demand for cyberinfrastructure professionals (CIP) to conduct research using AI and machine learning cyberinfrastructure (CI) in the context of cybersecurity.

This project intends to develop hands-on training materials and provide mentored training for current and future research workforce in engineering and science-related disciplines. The training consists of instruction in the areas of AI, machine learning, and cybersecurity supported by teaching assistants, followed by faculty-guided project research in a multidisciplinary team of participants from each area. By transforming and integrating training materials, this project aims to train potential CIPs in the CI community at large to handle AI with and for cybersecurity. Participants from around the nation will be exposed to multidisciplinary research experiences and have the opportunity for significant career growth.

What We Provide

  • 12-week instructions and research training for AI cyberinfrastructure and skills in the context of cybersecurity.

  • Comprehensive training materials, tutorials, and hands-on practice.

  • $1,000 stipend after successfully completing the training course.

  • A certificate of completing the training program.


[Apr. 2024] 20 participants will join in our training this year.

[Apr. 2024] The application for our 2024 training course is now closed! The notification will be sent out by April 14th, 2024.

[Feb. 2024] The application of our 2024 training course is now open! Check the Application Section for more details.

[Oct. 2023] Our Cybertraining website is launched!

Contacts of the Cybertraining Program

Houbing Herbert Song, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Information Systems

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Email: songh@umbc.edu

Jiawei Yuan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Computer and Information Science

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Email: jyuan@umassd.edu


The project is funded by the grant Collaborative Research: CyberTraining: Pilot: Operationalizing AI/Machine Learning for Cybersecurity Training from the National Science Foundation (grant no. OAC-2309760 and OAC-2229976).