Concurrent Software Engineering Laboratory

Director: Dr. Haiping Xu

Computer and Information Science Department
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Research Scope

The Concurrent Software Engineering Laboratory (CSEL) performs research activities in modeling, design, development, and analysis of concurrent software systems, including parallel and distributed computing systems. This includes research in distributed software engineering, formal methods, flexible manufacturing systems, workflow management systems, web services, and multi-agent systems.


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Administrative/Support Staff

Lab Manager: Jean F. Rahme (Email:
Technician: Paul Naylor (Email:

Former Lab Manager: Arturo Li (graduated in May 2013)


101C Textile Building

285 Old Westport Rd. (map-1)(map-2)(map-3)
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
(508) 910-6285

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Haiping Xu

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