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Slides from the first meeting:

Resize Partition -
These slides will allows you to resize your partition so you can install Linux onto the same
hard drive as Windows (useful for laptops)
Linux Demystified -
These slides are a short intro into the world of Linux
SuSE Installation -
These slides provide a walkthrough of the SuSE Linux installation process. These slides are
valuable for use with any type of Linux installation
Linux Administration -
These slides provide a walkthrough of the post-Linux installation process. They talk about
the ins and outs of adminstrating in Linux
Remove Linux -
These slides provide a walkthrough of how to remove Linux from your computer. They address
the issues of adding the Linux partitions back to your windows partition (in the case of
dual boot on a single hard drive)

Slides from the second meeting:

Application List -
This is a simple list of applications that are equivalent to common windows applications
Post Linux install Configuring -
These slides will take you through configuring important parts of Linux including basic network
Linux Directory Structure -
These slides explain in detail how the directory structure of Linux is set up. It explains why
certain folder contain certain files. Also contains some basic commands
Installing Programs in Linux -
These slides will walk you through the various ways (RPM, binary, source) of installing programs
Setting up and Playing Media -
These slides talk about how to get various medias (avi, mpeg, mp3, wma, etc.) to play under Linux