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CASE Designer, CASE Dictionary, CASE Exchange, CASE Workshops, CoAuthor, Cooperative Development Environment, Cooperative Server Technology, Easy*SQL, Express, "Grid Pattern Design," NLS*WorkBench, Oracle, Oracle Alert, Oracle Application Object Library, Oracle Card, Oracle Financials, Oracle Glue, Oracle Leasing, Pro*Ada, Pro*COBOL, Pro*FORTRAN, Pro*Pascal, Pro*PL/I, SQL*Calc, SQL*Connect, SQL*DBA, SQL*Forms, SQL*Loader, SQL*Menu, SQL*Module, SQL*Net, SQL*Plus, SQL*QMX, SQL*Report, SQL*ReportWriter, SQL*Star


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SERVICE MARKS of Oracle Corporation:

CASE*Method, Oracle Alliance Program, Oracle Education, ORACLE EXPRESS, Oracle Industries, Oracle Master, Real Time Support Services

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