Dr. and Assistant Professor
Computer and Information Science
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Address: 285 Old Westport Road
Dartmouth, MA 02747-2300, Dion 303A

Phone: 508-910-6893
Email: mshao[at]umassd[dot]edu

Office Hours (2017 Fall)
Mon 1-3PM, Wed 11-12PM, Fri 11-12PM

Ming Daniel Shao

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I am an Assistant Professor in Computer and Information Science Department at Umass Dartmouth, starting from Fall 2016. My research interests include: transfer learning/domain adaptation, deep leanring, large-scale graph approximation/clustering, social media analytics.

I received my Ph.D. degree from Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, at Northeastern University in 2016, advised by a great supervisor Yun(Raymond) Fu. I received both my M.S. degree and B.S. degrees in Computer Science and Engineering from Beihang University, China, in 2010 and 2006, respectively, and received my B.S. degree in Applied Maths from Beihang University in 2007.

*******Opening Positions*******

I am always looking for self-motivated graduate students and visiting students/scholars in the fileds of machine learning, data mining and computer vision. Feel free to contact me with your CV.

For prospective students, you will find PhD application information here and here

For CIS students, you are eligible for RA only if you do master thesis with me.

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  • Transfer learning, and multi-modality recognition [Research page]
  • Auto-encoder and deep feature learning [Research page]
  • Graph approximation and clustering[Research page]
  • Visual Kinship Understanding [Research page]
  • Multi-modal face recogniton [Research page]
  • Social media analytics [Research page]
  • Action detection and recognition [Research page]

PhD Students:

  • Seyed Mohammad Jafar Jalali, Fall 2017 --
  • Riazat Ryan, Fall 2017 --
  • Karthik Katipally, Spring 2018 --
  • Venkata Suhas Maringanti, Fall 2017 --

Master Students:

  • Deepak Kumar, Fall 2016 --
  • Chetan Kumar, Fall 2017 --


  • CIS 431 - Human and Computer Interaction, Fall 2016 (myCourses link)
  • CIS 599 - CIS Graduate Seminar, Fall 2016 (myCourses link)
  • CIS 602 - Special Topics on Data Mining, Spring 2017 (myCourse link)
  • CIS 599 - CIS Graduate Seminar, Spring 2017 (myCourses link)
  • CIS 465 - Topics in Computer Vision, Fall 2017 (myCourses link)
  • CIS 599 - CIS Graduate Seminar, Fall 2017 (myCourses link)
  • CIS 280 - Software Specification and Design, Spring 2018
  • CIS 599 - CIS Graduate Seminar, Spring 2018