Zhejiang University Mixed Class since 1984, Hangzhou, P.R.China

Introduction of the Mixed Class Program

The "Mixed Class" was established in 1984. It is for talented students in Zhejiang University, which is the first "Elite Education" in China, in order to cultivate a high quality elite in engineering science and technology. Every year, about 100 students are chosen by strict selection (high school GPA & Entrance Examination scores and personal interview) from 2500 freshmen to make up the "Mixed Class".

The guiding ideology of the "Mixed Class" program is: Let the future engineering talent accept science training, let science and engineering interact together, and let the students possess a pioneering spirit and creative ability.

Features of the program are listed in the following:

I. A special curriculum is carried out. It offers courses mainly in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, English, and Electricity, etc. Their textbooks and references are in original English, and some courses are taught in English such as "Physics" and "Material Science and Engineering", etc. It is to control the whole teaching process the principle of "high starting point, new learning content, fast teaching pace and emphasis on ability training".

II. A highly competitive environment is also created. At the end of every semester, the faculty committee will evaluate each student's performance and grades. About thirty to forty percent students will be "eliminated" from the Mixed Class.

III. A stable group of excellent teachers with special dispositions are selected to the program. All of them are of rich teaching experiences, erudition, active thinking, and full of warmth and responsibility for the elite education.

The "Mixed Class" program lasts for two years. After completing the full program, the students who are "survived" return to the different departments on the basis of aspiration and need, then the departments will continue to carry out differential treatment by employing the "Director System". The students will be engaged in scientific research earlier than planned.

According to the feedback information from different departments, the students of the "Mixed Class" are regarded to have a solid foundation in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, a wide range of knowledge, quick and profound thinking, and a good command of English, Computers, and ability of research and self-learning. Meanwhile, they have strong intentions of being outstanding and creative.

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