Racket Ball Rules to Improve Your Skills

Racquetball can be an extremely fun sport to play. The mental and physical aspects of the game challenge the players while providing a great aerobic work out. Knowing how to play and how to maximize your shots and strategies will make you a better player and you will have a much more enjoyable experience.

Racquetball has long been described as a sport for those of us that don't like the restrictions of tennis. One problem with tennis is that you need to keep the ball within the lines. This problem doesn't really affect the game of racquetball. The key rule in the game is that the ball may only bounce off the floor once after hitting the front wall.

To start the game the first player must serve between the two red lines on the floor towards the front wall. Then the ball must bounce between the back red line and the back wall. If it is short or long the serve must be done again. Two bad serves in a row makes it the other person's serve just like in tennis. Serving low so the ball bounces quickly or towards the corners of the court generally makes the serve tougher for the other player to get.

The ball can only bounce once off the floor after served before the other player must hit it. Then the other player must hit the ball back to the front wall without hitting the floor. Each time the ball may only bounce on the floor once in between being hit.

Keys to fielding the serve of the other player include placement of your body in relationship to your strong side. If your backhand is weaker than your forehand, generally try to stay towards that corner of the court to field the other person's serve. Getting the ball back quickly off the serve, maybe out of the air without waiting for it to bounce may catch your opponent off guard and win your side-out more quickly.

There are a couple key ways to increase your efficiency and ability to win in the game of racquetball. Placement, timing, and how you handle your racquet are three good areas to focus.

Placement involves how much finesse you play the ball with. Trying to hit the ball back to the front wall low to the ground so that it hits the wall and bounces quickly is a good strategy. However, many people try to get a little greedy and hit the floor because they are trying to get the ball so low on the front wall that they give up an error. Focusing on hitting the ball low, but staying a foot or two off the front wall will allow for a lot of victories with giving up less errors. Placement of the ball really brings into the game the mental side of the battle. Knowing where your opponent is and putting the ball where they are not will make it tougher for them to run down the ball.

Finesse in playing little drop shots that gently bounce off the front wall and don't rebound back too far into the court is a good quality to have. Knowing when to play the drop shot with relation to your opponent being too far back in the court will allow you to get more winners.

Timing the ball to hit it out of the air and perhaps off of a few walls will make the ball tougher for the other person to keep track of. Playing into the corners makes people play the backhand and forehand from a running position most often and forces them to come up with better shots.

Another key way to increase your ability of playing better racquetball is to focus on how you hold your racquet. By making sure the racquet is perpendicular to the floor you make sure that the ball will travel to the front wall without hitting the floor. Many novice players don't hold the face of their racquet up enough with the top of the racquet being slightly angled to the back wall.

By holding your racquet with a slight upwards angle, less errors on your part will be made by hitting the floor before you get to the front wall. Let the other person make the errors and force them to play a stronger game in order to win. Someone who doesn't focus on how they are holding the racquet with respect to their surroundings is more likely to make more errors and lose more often.

Learning more tricks and keys about form of how to hold your racquet and where to place the ball are both important keys to focus on in becoming a better racquetball player. Another great way is anticipation. Knowing where your opponent generally hits the ball to from where they are standing will allow to start moving in that direction sooner to allow to be there before the ball is. Watching your opponent and their angle before they hit the ball will allow you to know where they are planning to send the ball to. Less running and scrambling on your part will allow you to make higher quality shots and win more games.

Enjoy the game and stay focused on the basics and you will come out the victor.

Written by Wayne Whicher

Title: Racket ball rules to improve your skills. Description:Racket ball rules that will help improve your skills, or pick up the game again after not playing for a long time.

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